Keri Krieger and her Health Rituals

A very warm welcome to the incredible Keri Krieger! She helps women come home to themselves. In their practices. In their personal lives. In their bodies.

Keri does this with a combination of acupuncture treatment, counselling and coaching! Keri is passionate about offering others a way to learn how to truly nourish their mind, body and spirit to step away from exhaustion, burnout and self-loathing. She loves passing on some personal peace, stillness and passion for life.

She has been able to apply and hone her almost 20 years of experience in the field of acupuncture, wellness and health coaching to create a pathway for others to lovingly move from breakdown to breakthrough.


Lovely Keri, what form of meditation do you prefer?

Meditation is something that I have had an on off relationship with. I have religiously practiced Zen meditation in years gone by. A beautiful and warm zen school set me off on that path and for a long time it was very nourishing. I have fallen out of the more structured practice recently but keep up a breathing based practice with yoga and a feminine embodiment practice called Tigress yoga.


What are some changes you’ve noticed in your life since beginning your mindfulness journey?

All of these practices have in mind bringing your focus and awareness to what is here, using your breath to bring you back to your body and being present with how you’re feeling within your physical self. I actually don’t think I could function healthily without these things in my life. My mind and all its merry (and not so merry) stories would gallop away and take me with it!


What is your secret nutrition weapon?

I remind myself and my clients all the time when it comes to food, and the types of food we might be aiming to eat less of to not put them into good or bad baskets but first feel into how your feeling before you inhale that block of chocolate! Acknowledging and feeling the feels first can really help us choose not to eat those foods much more than relying on guilt and willpower.

In Chinese medicine sweet is an essential flavour. It’s related to the Earth element our sense of self and our own self nourishment. It’s found in healthy forms in corn, chicken, sweet potato dates and of course fruits. We actually need this flavour in some form, and it’s natural when we’re feeling lost or tired or lonely to crave sweeter food. It’s essential to support ourselves and steer away from the empty calorie processed sugar versions.


What’s your favourite daily health ritual?

I always start the day with yoga or a beach walk with the dog… or both! My day starts pretty early to fit all this in but it’s worth it. If I don’t make it happen at the start of the day I know it won’t happen.


How do you embrace yourself and who you are?

Doing whatever you need to do to be completely at home in yourself is the path to true freedom. I think that can look very different for every woman (and every human!). But it can be tricky because it’s natural to look around as see what appears to be working for everyone else and wonder why some of those things won’t work for you.

Backing yourself wholeheartedly and learning to create a relationship of trust between your gut instinct and your ability to discern what’s right for you is essential. We might need help learning these skills and that’s ok. That’s what counsellors, psyches and other allied health professionals are here for!

In Chinese Medicine the organs aren’t only just doing all the fabulous things we understand in the west they are also helping us process and digest our mental and emotional lives also. For example, the Earth element nourishes the Metal and the metal element involving the lungs is where we process grief.


Who inspires you?

Dr Libby. She is a book writing ninja! Her wisdom is so dearly needed in our world. Beauty from the inside out is essential reading for young women. My sister blows my mind on a daily basis, her patience and tenacity to show up as a strong woman and mother to my niece is extraordinary. The women I treat keep me inspired. I have so much respect for the lives they lead!


What advice would you love to give to beautiful women just beginning their conscious wellness journey?

Honestly I think so much comes down to knowing and respecting yourself and that takes time and care. There is no such thing as a one size fits all approach to keeping yourself inspired or busting yourself out of a low ebb day.

The sun isn’t always out, the moon isn’t always full we live within a natural system that has cycles and seasons, yet we often (mostly always) expect ourselves to be always on and operating at our peak output.

My advice to all women wanting to discover what they need and how to put that in place is to spend some time alone. It might only be 15 minutes a day completely with themselves without all the noise of our modern world and to check in and feel how they are feeling and what it is they might offer themselves in support. From this anchored place we can be discerning of what is right for us and what we need to do to support our energy. Sometimes ‘low ebb’ is actually a completely appropriate response for the day.

Give yourself permission!



Wow… thank you for your careful and honest words. It is so refreshing to hear some of the Chinese Medicine perspective. If you would like to know more about Keri and check out more of her words of wisdom, head to Even her website feels warm and welcoming!


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