Juggling Work Life Balance with Entrepreneur Korryn Haines

Korryn Haines is juggling all of the balls of life, virtual assistant and small business owner of Encore Admin Consulting, mum of two (and a fur child), wife, sister, daughter and friend. Based in Brisbane, Korryn is currently navigating a small business three days per week whilst spending as much time as possible with her young family. She decided to join The Mindful Collective’s Self-Care Course to try and bring back some clarity into her day, and with all of the competing demands in her life, she felt like she has lost her way. I was lucky to be able to have a chat with her to find out what she does for self-care.


What does a day in your life look like?

A day in my life is controlled chaos (as a Mum to a 4 and 1-year-old, wife to a very patient husband, and small business owner that’s the best way I can describe it). My kids are in daycare 3 days per week so on those three days I’m head down bottom up doing administrative support work for my numerous clients all in varying industries. So the majority of my days are started with a cup of tea and if I can manage to beat the kids before they wake up sitting and writing in my journal (helps clear my head of the clutter for the day). Then it’s hubby and I tag-teaming to get the kids ready and off to daycare. As I work from home I try and work in 1-hour timeslots with my client work and take breaks throughout the day with either a walk or a cuppa out on the back verandah. Some days I get out of my home office and work from a cafe or head to a networking event just to change it up and be amongst noise and life instead of being in my office all the time. Then at the end of the day I’m usually picking the kids up from daycare and we head straight into dinner, bath bed routine and once they are down I either punch out any urgent work that needs finishing off, heading for a shower and a quick read of a book in bed / chat with hubby about our days.


We would love to hear about your mindfulness/self-care journey! What helpful changes have you noticed along the way?

Doing Amy-Kate’s online course actually opened my eyes to my lack of self-care going on (in the day I described is very much most of my days) so it reminded me to step back and find the pockets of activities and ways I could bring some of my own enjoyable activities into my days. So now I have started taking drum lessons once a fortnight and I am absolutely loving it. I’m also reading more (the pocket of time before I go to sleep is that right there). I’m also stopping and taking things in a lot more instead of going run run run. I’m not perfect at it but it’s changing – it’s definitely something you forget in the busyness of the day to day life.


Which stress-busting tools have you noticed work well for you?

Movement and exercise are my biggest. Pre-kids it was boxing but now I’ve had to wind that back to just some form of exercise consistently. So every week I head to my gym (which has a creche) and make sure I do a BodyPump class at least once a week and I try and fit in a second when I can. Then 1-2 mornings a week I will try and go for a walk with Angel my Cocker Spaniel. The physicality of moving the stress out with exercise is what works best for me.


How do you express your creative self in your work/parenting?

I’m very lucky in my line of work that I can flex my creative thinking muscle in coming up with processes and solutions for my clients with their administrative tasks and how they can best do things in their businesses with specific software and apps. I honestly have built my business in doing the work that I genuinely enjoy and saying no to the things that I don’t. And parenting, with my kids so young, they’re definitely forcing me to unlock my imagination and get creative with how I can keep them entertained. It’s amazing watching them learn and take in the new things around them and working out how to do tasks every single day.


Who inspires your self-care, and why?

Firstly, my kids – if I can’t be 100% for myself then I can’t be 100% for them. And secondly my husband – he really does endure me at my worst when the ends are fraying, and he has managed to keep focused on maintaining his own self-care activity since becoming a Dad so I realise I need to do the same. It’s a juggling act but we are getting there.


How do you stay motivated to care for yourself?

It is really hard – but I keep reminding myself it’s the small steps and small actions that add up – if I skip the one small thing I have for myself each day then it adds up to a big problem to fix.


How does social media fit into your self-care perspective?

Social media – especially in my line of work – is too easy to fall down the rabbit hole. So I’ve now set up a timer to switch off the apps after a certain amount of use per day as well as after 6 pm every night. I’m also much more mindful about the types of accounts I follow – if they truly inspire me yes. If they bring up bad self-talk in me, then no, unfollow. I also use social media to keep connected with people that lift me up and will give me the tough love when I need it so it’s fantastic in that way.


Share your thoughts on values-centred living.

Again, doing Amy-Kate’s course really highlighted how much listening to your own values have an impact on how you approach everything you do day-to-day. I have honestly been trying to do all the things that I thought others thought I should do and I’ve really been stepping back and evaluating how much that aligns with my values. It was no wonder I was feeling so depleted and not finding the motivation and joy in things that I usually did, it was because I had lost sight of what my values were and was just running on the treadmill trying to keep up with the direction I had found myself in. It really is a one-way ticket to burnout very quickly.

Korryn Haines

Thank you Korryn for an incredibly motivating interview! I love how you were able to step back and reevaluate how you conduct your day to day life to align with your personal values and not others.

If you want to learn more about Korryns business, head over to her website and see what she is all about! https://www.encoreadminconsulting.com.au/

Now, we do offer an online personal self-care course which is starting very soon from the time of publishing. This course aims to provide you with the skills and knowledge to effectively care for yourself, fueled by your own personal values! Head to themindfulcollective.co/online-courses/ if you are interested!

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