It’s Brisbane Pride Month 2019!

You may or may not know it, but this month is Pride month! Bec Johnson, who was appointed Brisbane Pride president earlier this year, has announced that Brisbane Pride has partnered up with Queensland Health this year, making this year’s theme focused on Mental health!


She went further, stating that “A lot of events during Pride month are focussed on wellness, Queensland Health’s message is ‘making time for you’”.


Bec being a big advocate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, LGBTIQ+, sistergirl and brotherboy communities, has stressed that festivals such as this one will be an opportunity to help individuals feel more connected and feel a sense of belonging. These groups tend to feel a higher rate of isolation, discrimination and exclusion. Events like these play a pivotal role in creating a safe space to express oneself.


Open Doors Youth Services has also announced that they will be hosting “A Week of Wellness”, holding back to back events for a whole week surrounding wellbeing. These will primarilly be aimed toward LGBTIQ+ young people and families!


“Fair Day” includes the famous Brisbane Pride march and LGBTIQ+ focused stalls and entertainment, as well as a “chill out zone” this year. Proudly brought to you by the Queensland AIDS Council. The ‘chillout zone’ will include free mental health support for eventgoers and discussions on how to strengthen your mental health!


Brisbane Pride started in 1990 as a means to organise social gatherings and events within the LGBTIQ+ community. The first event started as a small march in the streets of Brisbane and ended on Musgrave Rd in South Brisbane. It has never been smooth sailing through the years for the LGBTIQ+ community, for example, the gay panic defence was only abolished in 2017! These events aim to celebrate the diversity we have in our community and to educate others about who we are. They look to bring people together and recognise how far we have come as a community and as a society as a whole.


So a little homework for our readers today! Go out and celebrate the Brisbane pride festival! Whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, bi, trans or any one of the many other fabulous groups under the LGBTIQ+ rainbow. Brisbane Pride month isn’t an exclusive event! It is an inclusive one! Invite your straight friends along! And remember that the theme this year is mental health and wellbeing! A simple “are you okay?” is all you need to start a meaningful and beneficial conversation!


There is so much happening this Pride month that you can’t help but go out and celebrate the diverse community that Brisbane is!


FEATURED EVENT! : from our very own talented Tayla!

Sep-28 CandleLight: Here We Queer X Brisbane Pride:

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Candlelight is a space for LGBTIQ+ Sistergirl and Brotherboy people to gather and share their stories on coming out, accepting themselves, and embracing queerness.

This event prioritises listening, sharing, and understanding. Coming out and embracing our shared experiences is an invaluable part of recognising our own identities, and the agency we have in controlling our stories. Candlelight also invites heterosexual, cisgender folk to join us to listen quietly to these stories with understanding and acceptance. We invite people who have embraced their queerness for years, and those who are still questioning and learning, to speak and be heard in this inclusive safe space. Free entry. Wheelchair accessible.


Some other amazing big events happening this month include:

Sep-06 Pride Connection & Belonging Dinner: This event will be hosted by 2Spirits for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community! A dinner with some great tunes and food provided!


Sep-08 Rainbow Families Waterslide Pride Party: This event is aimed towards the families of LGBTQ+ members, particularly kids who might identify somewhere on the LGBTIQ+ rainbow. The event will help fund new childcare and health service resources!


Sep-08 Same Same Weddings Expo Brisbane: Hosted at the Brisbane Powerhouse, this free wedding expo is aimed for all those LGBTIQ+ couples out there looking to get hitched!


Sep-08 Sister Funk: In the mid-1990s, Sister Funk was a monthly event for women to dance and party the night away! This year at Brisbane Pride the event will happen once again with great line up of female DJs right here in Brisbane!


Sep-14 Rainbow Story Time: Another event hosted by Rainbow Families Queensland! Rainbow Story Time will be held at Brisbane Square Library and will be a reading of some great LGBTIQ+ themed stories on family, community and friendship. This event is great for kids under 5.


Sep-15 Drag Storytime at Brisbane Square Library: Another Story Time hosted by Rainbow Families Queensland! But this time with Drag and sequins!


Sep-19 PRIDE Sessions Ft Alfie Arcuri LIVE: As a part of the ‘Fair Day’ Launch party, Alfie Arcuri, the winner of the Voice 2016, will be performing live and unplugged!


Sep-20 Story Bridge Pride Lights Up: On this evening the story bridge will be lit up with all the colours of the rainbow!


Sep-21 Pride Rally & March: It’s the big one! The pride rally & march! Get your boots on and walk the streets of Brisbane flying the rainbow flag!


Sep-21 Brisbane Pride Fair Day Chillout Zone: Don’t forget to make time for yourself and head to the Chillout Zone and learn how you can strengthen your mental wellbeing!


Sep-21 Pride Fair Day 2019: Pride fair day will have some fantastic LGBTIQ+ focused stalls and entertainment! Proudly sponsored by Queensland Health!


Sep-21 PROUD (Official Brisbane After Party): You have got to have an after-party to any good festival! At this one, pop princess, Samantha Jade will be performing live, releasing her new single!

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