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When I was completing my Masters Degree in Psychology (Educational and Developmental), I found myself drowning – between navigating difficult life experiences, completing my degree and adding part time work on top of that, I became completely consumed. Sadly, it’s not an uncommon experience.

It devastates me to see people suffering unnecessarily, and often just because they haven’t found the right tools, strategies or perspectives that suit them, or their challenges in life. Everyone is unique – a one size fits all strategy just doesn’t cut it. Advocating for the use of mindfulness and compassion (including other wonderful stress-management techniques) and making them beautiful, accessible and relatable is what continues to inspire the development of The Mindful Collective.

After I had started getting my own business in motion, it was time to take my personal self-care to the next level. Ever since Year 10, I had a picture of a grey Italian Greyhound wearing a pink sweater on my vision board. Pet dogs are fantastic for wellbeing at home, as well as in a therapy room.

After much exciting research (and the constant heartwarming thought of how a beautiful little pup could enhance therapy sessions), Evie chose me. She is absolutely the least timid Iggy you will ever meet! At 9 months old she completed Therapy Dog and Handler Clinical Team training through Therapy Dogs Australia, and when she was the right age we passed as a Level 1 Team – perfect for the treatment room!

Shortly following the arrival of our self-care queen Evie, we welcomed Tim and then Tayla on board as our Administration legends. They help us spread the TMC mission further than I could ever imagine, which means more people just like you can be supported in leading happier, healthier lives.

And, well, we’ve continued growing and flourishing and at the end of 2019 we moved into our own studio on Latrobe Terrace in Paddington! Here, we also welcomed our radiant counsellor Bronte as well as a sprinkling of incredible local businesses who we adore.


Do you love our workshops, but would like some one-on-one time with our wonderful therapists? We’d love to see you! Here’s what you need to know before booking in:

Psychological Therapy with
Amy Kate

Amy Kate’s books are currently closed for all new clients. Please contact us with any questions. 

Click here to find out more.

Counselling with
Bronte Ramm

Bronte’s books are currently open and she is accepting clients of all ages.

Click here to find out more.


Amy Kate

As a Developmental Psychologist and the Director of TMC, I apply an entrepreneurial approach when advocating for wellbeing practices. Across multiple platforms and through many innovative product creations and service delivery models, my dream is to inspire mindful and compassionate change in those who are a part of our collective. I invite you to join our collective in whatever capacity nourishes your soul – whether that be through our socials channels, coming to our events, joining our workshops, or spending time with me one-on-one.

I’m passionate about using evidence-based practice to help women thrive with resilience and self-compassion. For more info about my Psychological Therapy bend (which happens to revolve around an individually tailored approach for each individual who enters my space), click here. Given that I’m a Psychologist you are guaranteed a high standard of treatment and service. For more info on this please download the Australian Psychological Society’s Charter of Psychologists here. I have also had the amazing opportunity to speak to some wonderful women and businesses in and around Australia (as well as overseas!) about myself, my work and Evie. To learn more about me, my story and how I operate in the therapy room in conversation with these wonderful people – visit our resources page!


Hi there! As an ACA registered Counsellor I pride myself on being the best listener you will ever meet, and I’m pretty good at puns to boot! My main focus is the way our life stories are formed by society, by others and especially by ourselves and how to reverse the effects of a negative story told one too many times. I have a strong counselling framework rooted in a combination of Narrative Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, but believe the most important part of a therapeutic relationship is trust. As I am accredited by the Australian Counselling Association I constantly undertake training and development to broaden my skills and understanding and adhere to strict guidelines to ensure quality support.


Hi! My name is Tim and I’m the Practice Manager here at The Mindful Collective. Alongside this, I am also currently a fifth-year student studying a Bachelors of Engineering majoring in Civil Engineering and a Bachelors of Business Management majoring in Sustainability at the University of Queensland!

One day I would love to see myself as a structural/civil engineer specialising in sustainable design. I also love travelling and have been to a number of countries around the world, such as Nepal for a humanitarian design summit with Engineers without Borders, and visiting my family in Cape Down, South Africa.

I love meeting new people and discussing new ways of improving processes, hopefully, coming up with novel solutions!

This is what brought me to Amy Kate’s business. I love talking with people, and love watching and contributing to the growth of an innovating business such as The Mindful Collective!


Hiya! My name is Tay and you’ll find me doing all things Admin! I’m also the content creator, graphic designer, and digital marketer here at the Mindful Collective. In my spare time, I freelance for Photography and Videography, and am the co-founder and Creative Director of Here We Queer, a not-for-profit for the queer community.

I have an overwhelming passion for the creative industries and contributing happiness and safety to others. I’m so fortunate that I have the opportunity to become a part of such a wonderful business like The Mindful Collective and being able to continue doing the things that bring me joy every day.


I am a self-care inspiration! I encourage everyone to accept (even love) themselves as much as I love them! I spend each morning roaming around different dog parks with the Maddogs and Englishmen team and I’m in Therapy Dog mode when I arrive back in the studio (after a quick snack of course). You’ll notice I’m a keen cuddle and love a Napl however, sometimes I like to surprise everyone with the roomies – I’m surprisingly fast, bouncy and agile! You’ll probably hear that I have a sixth sense for people who need a snuggle – it’s true. My dream is to inspire more self-compassion in the people I hang out with, with a splash of humour.

If you’re keen to find out more about my training, check out Therapy Dogs Australia!


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“We respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the Land on which we see our clients, the Jagurah and Turrubal people, and Elders both Past Present and Emerging. We also recognise those whose ongoing efforts to protect and promote Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander is creating lasting legacy for future elders and leaders.”


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