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Hi there! As an ACA registered Counsellor I pride myself on being the best listener you will ever meet, and I’m pretty good at puns to boot! My main focus is the way our life stories are formed by society, by others and especially by ourselves and how to reverse the effects of a negative story told one too many

You may or may not know it, but this month is Pride month! Bec Johnson, who was appointed Brisbane Pride president earlier this year, has announced that Brisbane Pride has partnered up with Queensland Health this year, making this year's theme focused on Mental health!   She went further, stating that “A lot of events during Pride month are focussed on wellness,

Danielle is an awesome young mum who is about to complete her nursing degree! (yaay!!) She has completed our online Self-Care course twice, which I think is awesome! I was lucky enough to interview her to see how she incorporates mindfulness as a mother, student and soon to be Nurse!   My mindfulness/self-care journey I’ve always taken a proactive stance with my physical,

If you would like to come along, head over to our Facebook page and purchase a ticket!     We had such a hilarious time celebrating with you last year, so we are doing it all again for Evie's 2nd birthday. Evie has enjoyed a big, exciting year (as you can probs tell from our insta stories).  A standout moment was becoming trained and accredited Therapy

Amy Sketcher is an awesome child psychologist based not too far away in Coffs Harbour! I was lucky enough to get the chance to pick her brain into what she does for self-care and how she incorporates mindfulness into her everyday life.   We would love to hear about your mindfulness/self-care journey! What helpful changes have you noticed along the way? Years