Book Review: Be Positive – A workbook for Pre-teens and teens by Alex from Positive Future Youth

What a wonderful tool for young girls- pre-teen, teen (and even those who still remember their teen years) to focus on the positivity around them! This bright, appealing workbook covers all the bases for highlighting how to bring positivity into their life. The contents page says it all… Steps to positivity, Happiness, Think Positive, Write positive, Act Positive, Think Positive. Girls are lead through the steps under the topics of: happiness and how to identify it in your life; positive talk; goal setting; self- care; creativity; friendships (the benefits, and strategies on how to handle the bad); with activities, quotes, ideas and suggestions along the way.

The design is just gorgeous and just looking over the pages made me happy. Girls will love the bright and colourful pages. I had to fight my 12 year old to be able to finish reading through it before it went to the bedroom where nothing ever returns from. She had her favourite pens at the ready for when I had finished! The layout leaves plenty of space for the owner to add their own special touches as well as notes and reminders. I love the mention of choosing your favourite pen to add your details – a lovely touch Alex! The graphics and fonts chosen and used throughout the book are truly appealing and I believe add a personal touch to the workbook. On first inspection ‘Be Positive’ actually reminded me of the popular colouring books on trend at the moment – but with space for you to include your own ideas.

We are reminded at the start of the workbook that ‘Be Positive’ was not designed to be completed in one sitting – to “take your time and enjoy the process of becoming besties with yourself”. Such positive descriptors are used throughout – gorgeous, amazing, important, optimistic, positives, creative and inspire. The workbook offers girls the opportunity and inspiration to learn about themselves and to practise mindfulness throughout.

‘Be Positive’ is designed for an individual to work through but I can see the workbook being a great support for conversations between mothers and daughters. A bonding tool as such. It is not just girls/teens that need support to get and be positive. Some of the books ideas could spark some great connections and joint activities such as meditation, vision boards, exercise, and helping the world. I’d love to do this with my girls (and boy). In fact I intend using the ideas within ‘Be Positive’ with my Guide Unit and students at school.

This inspiring workbook that could be used anytime by any girl but I also think it would make a great gift. Pretty with a purpose – you couldn’t ask for more. Christmas is only around the corner – so if you are after an idea or two for daughters, nieces, friends, granddaughters, could I suggest you grab a copy of ‘Be Positive’ and maybe a few pretty pens to go with it. You’ll be a hit! Looks like I’ll be getting a few extra copies myself … the messy bedroom has struck again.

Tricia Campbell

Author: Tricia Campbell

My name is Tricia Campbell and I am an amazing 45 year old Arian – so even though I am no expert I am happy to give you my opinion. I’ve been married to my awesome husband (who keeps me sane by cooking dinner every night) for 23 years. We have 6 kids (5 girls, 1 boy & before you ask – yes we did have a T.V set). I’m a full time teacher (year 2), a Guide Leader and P&C member. I love sleeping in, a good book, dressing up (so you’ll find me in my element during Book Week at school), and of course who doesn’t look forward to holidays.

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