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Book Review: The Happiness Project – by Gretchen Rubin

– Nicole Yarham

What do you truly want from your life?


Gretchen Rubin, author of the bestselling novel The Happiness Project asked herself this same straight forward question.  Her answer was simple.  Happiness. Without any hesitation she decided to dedicate a year to a happiness project.  As a result this thoughtful and engaging piece of work emerged.


The Happiness Project carefully follows and tracks Rubin’s year-long pursuit to learn how to effectively enjoy and appreciate her current life and engage with happiness. She creates a set of twelve personal commandments including Be Gretchen, Let it go, Be polite and be fair and Enjoy the process that act as overarching principles to her happiness project and core values. With these in mind, Rubin tackles a different area of her life every month with a different set of well researched and scientific resolutions to create a happier life. She covers her physical well-being (go to the gym, sleep earlier), relationships (kiss in the morning, quit nagging), parenthood (take time for projects, treasure memories), work (enjoy the fun of failure, work smart) and various other areas of personal interest.


Rubin’s “Happiness Project” however is not just a book; it’s a movement.  Since the release of the book, Happiness Project groups have gathered together across the world to discuss the book, swap ideas, build enthusiasm and devise their own personal happiness projects.  With plenty of online resources available on The Happiness Project’s website, you will be able to identify your aims, make resolutions that are concrete and manageable and track your progress in no time.


These resources demonstrate Rubin’s yearning to encourage others to take responsibility for their own happiness and wellbeing.  Whether that’s through meeting with others, creating daily routines and goals or reflective thought, it’s taking responsibility for the journey that matters the most and the empowerment that comes as a result.


Sign up to her words of wisdom and happiness e-mails at: http://gretchenrubin.com and be sure to check out her weekly podcasts about happiness while you’re there.

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