Creative Mindfulness with Carly from My Holistic Life

I think that the best thing we can do for ourselves is to become more aware of what makes us happy and lights us up. I feel that this society has become so disconnected from ourselves that we don’t know what brings us joy anymore. Take time out more often to be by yourself and just disconnect from the outer world from time to time. This allows you to connect with your inner voice or your intuition, and believe me your intuition will never steer you wrong.


Firstly, how do you express your creative self?

I actually found this creative streak by accident when I was sick, but I love creating healthy recipes and photographing them. Because I was very restricted with what I was able to eat I had to get creative with my meals to make them more interesting, From there I just started to take photos on my phone and then I brought a Nikon 5300 and taught myself the manual settings and from there a love of cooking and photography started.


What form of meditation do you prefer and why?

The best form of meditation that I’ve found works for me is Mindful meditation. I love plugging in my earphones, finding a nice quite space where I can sit and ground myself on the grass and listen to music and focus on each point of my chakras. This allows me to not only connect with nature, but to balance each point of my chakras.


What are some changes you’ve noticed in your life since beginning your mindfulness journey and how have these helped you achieve your goals?

I’ve found since I’ve regularly introduced meditation into my daily routine my life seems to flow effortlessly. I’m able to focus on the present moment and see all the beauty and the wonder that’s in my life. I’ve also been able to become more aware of my body and this helps me to continue to heal and stay in a state of vitality. I find if we focus mindfulness our life flows with ease and grace.


We all need some crazy powerful stress-busting tools and techniques – we would love to hear works for you!

Mine are pretty simple.

::1. Practice mindfulness daily so I don’t get caught up in the stress and worry of what’s to come & it also allows me to let go of any past hurt.

::2. Spend time in nature, whether that’s a walk on the beach, taking out 30 minutes to ground myself on the grass, or just getting out in nature with my dog.

::3. Always eat food that helps to nourish my body from within. We sometimes forget that in order to maintain vitality we need to love our body and what better way to do that than providing it with food that continues to nourish it from within.


Have you always been into wellness or was there a light-bulb moment that sparked your health journey?

4 years ago I was diagnosed with not one, but 2 autoimmune diseases and from there I had a full healing crisis. From that day I have been on a journey to not only heal my body externally but to heal the mind and spirit as well. We are such unique beings and I truly being to stay in a stay of optimal health we need to be continually looking after our body, mind, and spirit.


Finally, what is your secret nutrition weapon?

ACV in warm water! This little gem helps to increase stomach acid levels which help to breakdown the food we are eating. This then puts less strain on the gut and keeps our digestive system. A lot of the time people with digestive issues actually suffer from low stomach acid which leads to bacterial overgrowth. So keeping the gut healthy is a must!


Thank you so much for your time, lovely Carly! We would love to encourage you to check out Carly’s website – My Holistic Life – and spend some time on her Facebook and Insta pages (her daily inspiration is… well exactly that). And for those in south east Queensland, she even hosts cooking demonstrations!


Carly left us with some final tips to practice more mindfulness…..

:: Spend more time out in Nature,
:: Nourish your body from within,
:: Always come from a place of love,
And the universe will always deliver for you.


Author: TheMindfulCollective

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