Hollie from @powered_by_vegies on Pana Chocolate & Self-Compassion

Allow us to introduce Hollie, a healthy living advocate and big-time lover of life!


I want to empower people to bounce out of bed in the morning full of energy fueled by whole plant based foods. My aim is to empower people to build positive relationships with health promoting plant foods. To nourish your body not only with good food but with an active lifestyle and exercise.


:: In the healing power of plants and good nutrition.

:: In an active lifestyle that unlocks energy.

:: In striving to learn and create the life that you want.


So, let’s kick off with some of the good stuff. What form of meditation do you prefer and why?

I am really enjoying using my HeadSpace app it is a simple guided meditation because I am very new to the whole relaxing thing.


What are some changes you’ve noticed in your life since beginning your mindfulness journey and how have these helped you achieve your goals?

I am able to see more perspective when times get stressful. This allows me to keep calm and focused on the task at hand.


We all need some crazy powerful stress-busting tools and techniques – we would love to hear works for you!

I love to get in the gym or lace up my joggers and sweat it out.


Have you had a delicious experience of mindful eating? If so, give us all the juicy details!

Every night I sit down to my cup of tea and Pana chocolate. I eat it super slowly letting it melt in my mouth…..it is heavenly!


We would love to hear of a powerful experience you’ve had of people coming together for a cause -as a collective.

I did volunteer teaching in Africa and a small group of volunteers were able to give so much love and attention to children living in poverty.


Have you always been into wellness or was there a light-bulb moment that sparked your health journey?

I am lucky that my family have always been into exercise, sports and eating healthy home cooked meals. I learnt from a young age about good nutrition and the power of exercise.


Run us through the typical day in the life of your wonderful self…

Wake up at about 5.15am and do a workout (usually weights or running). Off to work as a PDHPE teacher attempting to excite young people about healthy living. After work I teach at my local gym either a Body Pump or RPM class……dinner that I usually prepare on weekends and sleepy time.


What is your secret nutrition weapon?

The power of vegies


What’s your favourite daily health ritual, and why?

It would have to be a good workout to keep me feeling balanced.


Do you have a quote you live your life by?

Carpe Diem.


How do you express your creative self?

Cooking and creating new recipes, blogging and reading.


What’s your favourite way to treat yourself?

New active wear.


How do you embrace yourself, flaws and all – even in self-critical times?

I try to keep perspective and think about all the amazing things I can be grateful for.


How do you manage to stay motivated both in your personal life and work life, even on those mediocre, flat days?

I think about my ultimate goals and how I feel every time I take a step closer towards living authentically.


Who inspires you and why?

So many amazing people! At the moment I love Rich Roll, he is an ultra marathon runner with an amazing podcast. His work building knowledge about a plant based lifestyle is incredible. After I read his book ‘Finding Ultra’ I have been hooked on his incredible attitude and tenacity.


What is your life vision for the next 5 years?

Working to help people live their healthiest happiest lives. Spreading the message about the healing power of plants and the benefits of living a plant based lifestyle.


What advice would you love to give beautiful women just beginning their wellness journey?

Be gentle with yourself, respect yourself enough to nourish your body physically and emotionally.



Thank you so much for being with us Hollie! We are sure that you can empower beautiful woman to choose to love themselves and nourish their bodies without judgement or guilt – if anyone can, it’s you! If anyone is curious about the healing power of plants, trying to eat more plant foods or just delicious healthy recipes check out Hollie’s stunning new website AND check out her socials below: www.poweredbyvegies.com.au


Author: TheMindfulCollective


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