How to become a Contributor or Collaborator

At The Mindful Collective, we are passionate about helping people become less stressed by focusing on their wellbeing. We are interested in collaborating with brands that connect with The Mindful Collective’s empowering philosophies.

We love working together with our writers to create mindful interviews and product reviews. Our contributors are passionate people who love encouraging others by using positive language backed by scientific information. We are interested in reading researched pieces, which may include personal stories, about all areas of mindfulness. We love reviews of mindful and inspirational people, websites, books, podcasts, products and TedTalks.

Our mindful categories are:

• mindful life lessons
• mindful lifestyles (environmental sustainability and other lifestyle choices)
• mindful physical wellness
• mindful mental wellbeing
• mindful inspiration.

If you think that you would like to collaborate with us or join our valued writing team, fill out the form below and attach any information along with your submission. We require that all submissions are unpublished (including online) as we pay our writers per article that we accept and publish online.

If your product, brand or writing connects with The Mindful Collective’s philosophies, we will be in touch. Although Amy Kate receives a high volume of emails she always responds. If you find she has not responded within one week, please contact her again as there may have been a technical error.

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