How to Love Your Social Media Detox (and why they are important)

When was the last time you ate a meal with one hand, whilst scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed with the other?

According to a study by Boost Mobile, 45% of people said that eating was the most popular time for them to be checking their newsfeeds.

Social Media has well and truly taken over our lives on a grand scale, and whilst it can be scary to do, periodically having a Social Media Detox is essential to maintaining a healthy relationship with your digital devices.

Because seriously, you don’t take your partner to the bathroom with you, so why do you feel the need to whip out your phone and have a scroll every single time?

A Social Media Detox can go for as little as a couple of hours, or as long as a few weeks. It really depends on the extremity of your addiction, and also how much your job relies on you checking Social Media.

As a Social Media Consultant, I myself can only really go without for a few hours – but that time is truly priceless to me.


Here are some tips for a successful Social Media Detox:

1. Turn off your phone and keep it out of sight

You will notice during the first few hours of your detox that your hand with sometimes reach out for your phone and try to find it, before you remember that you’re on a detox.

Your brain is operating on autopilot in those moments, as checking your phone has most likely become an automatic physical response when you are feeling bored or anxious.

Ensuring that you keep your phone off will make it harder for you to automatically begin scrolling, allowing yourself the time to re-adjust your focus and with time, re-train your neural pathways.


2. Plan a Day-Out

If boredom is a big part of the reason you check your Social Media profiles so often, plan a weekend of activities to keep your mind occupied during your detox.

Go out for lunch with your friends, spend a day at the beach with your family, or book in for a facial for some quality alone time.

Allow yourself to relax and enjoy the moment, without posting about your fantastic day on Facebook.


3. Buy a Book

When was the last time you read a paperback book?

If there is a book you’ve been meaning to read but haven’t gotten around to just yet, go out and buy it for yourself to read during your detox.

This will replace all the reading you do of people’s statuses, Instagram posts, and click-bait news articles.

You’ll feel a lot happier giving yourself the time to read about things that you are passionate about, rather than random newsfeed updates.


4. Occupy Your Fingers

You’ll notice during your detox that your fingers really do have a mind of their own. They’ll want to scroll out of habit, and you need to keep them occupied so that they don’t lead you astray.

If there is a creative pursuit you’ve been neglecting because of your time spent on Social Media, reignite that passion during your detox.

Whether you love to paint, write, knit, or draw, keep your fingers occupied whilst creating something just for the sake of it. It doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be done.


And there you have it, now it’s time for you to plan out your Social Media Detox. Will you be making a weekend affair or simply an ongoing habit of turning off your tech at a few hours before bed?

Share your detox plan down in the comments below, and help to inspire those around you to log off and tune in.

Mackayla Paul

Author: Mackayla Paul

Mackayla is a young and ambitious entrepreneur who doesn’t let anxiety phase her. At just nineteen years old Mackayla has launched a successful Social Media Consultancy where she teaches other female entrepreneurs how to cultivate an authentic community of supporters around their brands using the power of Social Media. Mackayla is a practitioner of mindfulness meditation and is committed to encouraging an authentic approach to Social Media Marketing through her business Social Stylings. To follow Mackayla on Instagram, head to @social.stylings!

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