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Online Coaching

Our mission is to inspire mindful and compassionate change in young women, and the young at heart. Although I am a Psychologist and I enjoy my face-to-face psychological therapy sessions in Ashgrove, I also love building up women who are ‘well enough?’ to reach their wellness goals.

This is the online coaching level of The Mindful Collective’s Stepped-Care Approach, to help the women of Australia where, when and how they need it.  
Online coaching gives us many, many benefits, including:  

More access: e.g., more variety of sessions available per week

More flexibility: e.g., you could be anywhere for your session – even at work with your office door shut

More convenience: e.g., you’re lunching while we reflect on your past week and enhance your next

More consistency: e.g., you don’t need to meet a different person and tell them your story again just because you told your coach that you’re feeling particularly unsteady

More variety of session times

Less inhibition: e.g., people are more likely to be more open and honest about their thoughts, emotions and experiences when they are working online with a Psychologist

Some of the common issues women discuss with me include:  

Adjusting to complicated life transitions

Developing effective study and time management skills

Building their self-awareness (including understanding and appreciating themselves)

Mindfully managing stress

Problem-solving recurring issues in their lives

Learning how to kindly reinforce boundaries with themselves and others

Discussing relationship issues they’re facing, with compassion


We frequently receive completed applications for coaching from women between 16-35 years of age; however, any person over 16 years of age is welcome here.  

We have the application process so that we can make sure that Amy Kate is the right coach for you and that we are jumping in at the most targeted level of the Stepped-Care Approach for you.  

Amy Kate will then discuss your application with you in a free 20-minute consultation. We also determine how we will personalise the coaching, whether it is through evidence-based progress assessments, our coaching goals and/or the particular package that suits you.   

Online coaching appointments are available each Monday and Friday (times may vary) through a confidential communication app ‘Sylo’.


Ground-breaking research was published in 2014 from Richard Dowling (from the University of Canberra) and Debora Rickwood (also from UC in addition to the National Youth Mental Health Foundation) in an Australian journal called Advances in Mental Health. Dowling and Rickwood’s research suggested that the more online sessions an individual participates in the more depth they go into during their time with the therapist, which leads to more positive and helpful wellbeing outcomes.   

That doesn’t mean that everyone will need the largest package – your goals might benefit from a more concise package! Dowling and Rickwood (2014) also found that more action planning leads to more positive outcomes. That’s something we focus on in all of our packages!

All of our packages include pricing that is significantly less than the standard Australian Psychological Society recommended rate of $246 per 50-minutes.  

Interested to find out more?!


Financial commitment required $135 per week,($810 in total) $130 per week,($1,040 in total) $125 per week,($1,250 in total) $100 per week,($1,400 in total)
50-minute one-on-one coaching session inclusions* 4 sessions 6 sessions 8 sessions 10 sessions
20-minute intro call,(usually $135) X X X X
Access to TMC’s monthly,inspo email X X X X
Email access to Amy Kate during the coaching package duration X X X X
Pre- and Post-Coaching,self-report assessments X X X X
TMC’s Your Mindful Practices (usually $19.99) X X X
TMC’s Your Gratitude Postcards (usually $19.99) X X
Your choice of TMC’s online courses to complement your coaching package (usually $299) X

Fortnightly Payment Plans available – please discuss this with Amy Kate!

We respectfully acknowledge the Turrbal Traditional Owners of the land on which we work and meet our clients, and Elders both past and present. We also recognise those whose ongoing efforts to protect and promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures is creating a lasting legacy for future Elders and leaders.