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Gratitude Postcards


You already know that gratitude is an important virtue and emotion, so it is great that you can train your brain to think more gratefully – like training a puppy (okay… that really depends on the pup)!



We want to help you do this and that is why we created Your Gratitude Postcards. Your pack includes 12 postcards + Amy Kate’s top gratitude tips!

With 12 stunning designs and stirring quotes, Your Gratitude Postcards make practising gratitude simple and effective. You just need to choose whether you would like to write:

– Every day for 12 days
– Every week for 3 months
– Every fortnight for 6 months

The choice is yours – you can even write to yourself!

We do not accept returns; however, if you are concerned about the quality of your product please contact Amy Kate directly at hello@themindfulcollective.co

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 50 cm