Spirituality with Mindful Yogi & New Mama, Alanna

We are incredibly excited to introduce Alanna! Alanna is a certified Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher, experienced in the areas of asana, pranayama, meditation and relaxation. She completed her yoga teacher training in India in January, 2014.

Alanna’s yoga journey began more than eight years ago and has been an enlightening journey of self-exploration, expression and discovery. For Alanna, yoga has become a way of life, offering a deeper connection to herself, to others and to the world around her.

Alanna offers yoga retreats in Byron Bay, Brisbane and Bali as well as open classes, groups, privates and corporate classes in Brisbane Australia.

As a teacher, she is interested in the cultivation of inner peace, truth and love. Her classes are grounded in the awareness of breath, foundation and the Yamas and Niyamas. Alanna’s classes and retreats are open to all levels as she believes yoga is for everyone. 

Alanna took some time to chat with us about her spiritual practice and perspectives!


What form of meditation do you prefer?

I practice different types of meditation, but daily I practice Transcendental Meditation.


What are some changes you’ve noticed in your life since beginning your mindfulness journey and how have these helped you achieve your goals?

Almost everything! I am more connected and aware of how my past and my future reflect in my present moment + that love is always the answer. Goals…I do my best to let life unfold as naturally as possible…something I haven’t always done!


We all need some crazy powerful stress-busting tools and techniques – we would love to hear works for you!

Breathing! But also a daily ritual of something that makes you feel good. Whether that be yoga, meditation, kissing your partner, a walk, singing to your children or a quiet cup of tea…it’s commitment to daily practice that dissolves stress and grows love.


Have you had a delicious experience of mindful eating? If so, give us all the juicy details!

I don’t do diets. I am more interested in connecting with your food, as you do your body. Eating blindfold is a wonderful way to do this. You eat slower, are more aware of flavour and more connected with how the food makes you feel. I think mindful eating is simple…eat foods that make you feel good.


We would love to hear of a powerful experience you’ve had of people coming together for a cause -as a collective.

My partner and I attended Kumbh Mela in India in 2013. The festival runs for 55 days, attracts over 120 million pilgrims and only happens every 12 years. The faith, devotion and worship I experienced at Kumbh Mela is something I will hold with me always. However, giving birth was the most spiritual experience I have had. It was beautiful.


Have you always been into wellness or was there a light-bulb moment that sparked your health journey?

I have practiced yoga since 2003, however I did have a defining moment when I decided to leave my job in New York as a producer for New York Fashion Week and travel to India to study yoga. I have never looked back.


Run us through the typical day in the life of your wonderful self…

I wake early

Family cuddles in bed with my beautiful man Nigel, son Rumi and dog Blackie

Meditate while breastfeeding

Do some journaling/creative writing

Have breakfast

Sun bath in the backyard

Practice yoga


Afternoon emails

Family walk… we try to walk barefoot on the grass (for grounding) and do a few inversions (for mindbody balance and perspective) everyday

Bath + massage and dress Rumi for bed

Meditate while breastfeeding Rumi

Put Rumi to bed

Dinner with Nigel

Read or watch a film

Bed as early as possible


What is your secret nutrition weapon?

Balance, sleep and greens.


What’s your favourite daily health ritual, and why?

My yoga and meditation practice – its gives me the energy to give more to others.


Do you have a quote you live your life by?

Look within.


How do you express your creative self?

I have a personal artist practice – I sing, I dance, I write. Art plays a huge role in my life.


What’s your favourite way to treat yourself?

A yoga class (on my own…a rare moment now that I am a mama!)


How do you embrace yourself, flaws and all – even in self-critical times?

I remember that it all begins with me – if I don’t love myself, how will I love others.


How do you manage to stay motivated both in your personal life and work life, even on those mediocre, flat days?

My son gives me good reason to get on my mat and practice every day.


Who inspires you and why?

My family, because I learn and grow with them everyday.


What is your life vision for the next 5 years?

To learn, to grow and to love.


What advice would you love to give beautiful women just beginning their wellness journey?

I think every journey starts with self worth. Saying to yourself, I am worthy of… Start there and the rest will flow.


Alanna, thank you so much for taking some time to chat with us about your life, your perspective and your beautiful family. For more gentle and kind inspiration, check out www.yogawithalanna.com (and if you’re heading to an upcoming retreat – Rochelle and I will probably see you there!) Alanna has kindly offered her email address: hello@yogawithalanna.com So if you would like to touch base with Alanna, you can slip through an email OR connect via her socials below!



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