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Our Stepped-Care Approach

A Goldilocks-inspired strategy: Not too big, not too small, just right.

Okay, so our framework wasn’t quite inspired by a made-up blonde girl but it definitely is evidence-based and super efficient. Our framework is entirely based on a Stepped-Care Approach, which aims to ensure women receive the right service at the right level of intensity at the right time.

This means that your care is planned around what you need and what’s right for you, which means it’s far more effective than something cookie-cutter.

The boring (and important) part

The Stepped-Care Approach is super legit. In fact, it’s been endorsed at the highest levels in Australia (we’re talking Federal Government, Australian Psychological Society levels).

The framework is one of nine recommendations the National Mental Health Commission endorsed after their National Review of Mental Health Programs and Services in 2014.

Something for everyone

It absolutely delights us to connect with and walk alongside women just like you. We offer research-backed strategies through our blog posts, Mindful Moment interviews, beautiful products, speaking gigs, psychological therapy, and online coaching and courses. We’ve even been told our social media is an inspiring breath of fresh air!

We’re acutely aware that what brings one person a sense of ease may not be helpful for their best friend. We want women to really feel that they are the person they want to be — because that leads us to thrive, flourish, and soar!

Check out our Stepped-Care Approach:

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As a Psychologist, I am strategic and bursting with cutting-edge knowledge, anecdotes, relatable stories and evidence-based tools to inspire my audience to develop self-awareness and resilience. My bubbly nature and authentic humour leave guests smiling, encouraged and brimming with helpful tips and tricks to thrive and flourish.  

I particularly enjoy speaking about self-care, creating space (e.g., mindfulness), compassion and kindness (towards ourselves and others), mental health and wellbeing, overcoming unhelpful thinking patterns, bouncing through life’s transitions and advocacy of women’s issues.  

I am available for bookings for presentations, workshops, Q&A panels, online and in-person interviews, festivals, conferences, school talks and expos. If you would like to book me in for your event, podcast or interview please fill out our contact form below!

We respectfully acknowledge the Turrbal Traditional Owners of the land on which we work and meet our clients, and Elders both past and present. We also recognise those whose ongoing efforts to protect and promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures is creating a lasting legacy for future Elders and leaders.