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Is your inquisitive mind wondering how this beautiful organisation started?

It is a long academic road to become a Psychologist in Australia.

During my Master's study I could not believe how stressed out I was feeling. I had a few difficult life experiences that I was still navigating in addition to part-time work at an all-girls' private school. It was completely consuming!

I felt like I was drowning so I decided to put my value of evidence-based practice to the test and try out the stress-busting strategies from psychological research that resonated with me.

The practice of these strategies showed me how much my unhelpful habits and high levels of stress were impacting my friends, family and the amazing people I was working with.


This is unfortunately a very common situation and the stats on this are reflecting a rise:

- Increase in gambling, smoking, drinking alcohol and recreational drugs as coping strategies
- 35% of Australians report having a significant level of distress in their lives*
- This is consistently higher in Younger people (18-25) than older Australians*
- 1 in 5 Australian women will experience depression during their lifetime*
- 1 in 3 Australian women will experience anxiety during their lifetime*
- The occurrences of PTSD are more prevalent in women than in men*

*The Australian Psychological Society’s 2015 Psychology Week survey report on the previous five years

It devastates me to see women suffering unnecessarily, often just because they have not found the right tools, strategies and perspectives that suit them and their life challenges. This is why The Mindful Collective was created: to advocate for the use of mindfulness and compassion (and other stress-busting techniques) by making them beautiful, accessible and relatable.

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To inspire mindful and compassionate change in young women, and the young at heart.

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For every young woman in Australia to thrive and flourish, with self-awareness and resilience.

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To create space in the mind and inspire compassion in the soul through evidence-based practice in a Stepped Care Approach.

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Efficient Strategy | Evidence-based products & practice | Curiosity, Humour, Balance, Space, Kindness, Diversity.

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We respectfully acknowledge the Turrbal Traditional Owners of the land on which we work and meet our clients, and Elders both past and present. We also recognise those whose ongoing efforts to protect and promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures is creating a lasting legacy for future Elders and leaders.