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Who Are We?

Amy Kate

As a Developmental Psychologist and the creator of The Mindful Collective, I apply an entrepreneurial approach when advocating for wellbeing practices. Across multiple platforms and through many innovative product creations and services, my dream is to inspire mindful and compassionate change in young women (and the young at heart). I invite you to join with other wonderful women from all over this beautiful world to flourish and thrive.

Also, given that I am a Psychologist you are guaranteed a high standard of treatment and service. For more info on this download the Australian Psychological Society’s Charter of Psychologists here.


I am a Therapy Dog and a self-care inspiration! I encourage our ladies to accept (even LOVE) themselves as much as I do! I spend a lot of time sleeping but sometimes I like to surprise everyone with the zoomies (it’s just part of being an Italian Greyhound). I seem to have a sixth sense for people who just need a snuggle and it’s my dream to provide that to them, and hopefully encourage them to have compassion for themselves as well.


I have a Bachelor of Business with a double major in International Business and Tourism, Leisure and Event Management.  Like a lot of people I am still very much undecided in my career path, However, I do love a good book and travelling to see new places.  I love helping to sort out Amy’s work life (making it as easy as possible), and interacting with clients. I adore animals so being Evie’s carer makes my days super enjoyable!

In a world where you can
be anything, be kind.