Your mind deserves a spring clean too!

Winter is well and truly drawing to a close, and you’ve undertaken the traditional spring clean of your house. All your things may be nice and neat and sparkly now, but what about your mind?

Here’s some great ways to start spring cleaning your mind.

Write things down

Take the time to sit down with a pretty notebook and pen, and simply pour your thoughts onto the paper. Write it all down as soon as it comes to mind (spelling doesn’t matter here!). What are your intentions for the next three months? How can you achieve them? Sometimes seeing things in front of you is all the motivation you need to make things happen.

Explore a new hobby

Always wanted to learn to paint? Run a marathon? Play a musical instrument? There’s no time like the present! With tonnes of online tutorials available for pretty much any topic, sometimes all it takes is just five minutes a day to increase your skills and really up your game.

Detox your friends list

A good way to approach the examination of your personal relationships is to treat the process like you would cleaning when out your closet. According to Dr Carolyn Massiah from the University of Central Florida

    , we all have issues, memories or people stuffed away that we need to take out, examine, and make an honest decision about.

    Does this fit? It’s okay to say some relationships no longer fit you, and you no longer fit them. Don’t keep them around hoping that one day you’ll fit them again.

    Can I repair it? If there’s a tear in the seams of your relationship, will you keep putting it back to fix ‘some other time’ or will you actually try to repair it? If you truly think the relationship is worth saving, then do it now. If not, perhaps it’s time to discard and move on.

    Make a plan

    If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably feeling pretty good – great, even! But when the going gets tough (and it will, because that’s life), what will you do? Now is the perfect time to create a self-care manifesto to refer to when things begin to feel rocky.

    Start by making a list of all the things you really love doing, whether it’s reading books, painting your nails, going for a bike ride, walking the dog, or catching up with friends. Preventative care is better than damage control, so make these things a priority and set a date with yourself!


Author: TheMindfulCollective

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