No, you do not need a referral to join our collective in any part of the Stepped-Care Approach. However, many guests choose to speak with their GP about their mental health goals to assess their eligibility for funding schemes for both individual and group psychological therapy. 

Hopefully! For psychological therapy this depends on whether your GP has assessed you as eligible for a funding program such as the Better Access Mental Health Care scheme or whether you’re covered for Psychological Therapy on your Private Heath Extras. It’s also handy to check if your private health funds cover for telehealth options if you’re planning on accessing therapy via video or phone.

For individual psychological therapy sessions are 50 minutes; however ,this can depend on the type of psychological therapy appointment you’ve booked. For example, assessment sessions are often booked for 110 minutes.

We enjoy supporting our guests to reschedule appointments early with an email reminder sent 5 weekdays prior to an upcoming appointment, and a text reminder sent 3 weekdays prior. This ensures our Guest Services Team have adequate time to flag the newly available appointment with other guests on waiting lists. We have what we like to describe as a ‘friendly and firm’ cancellation policy. The full appointment fee will be charged for any appointments cancelled within 48 hours.

Yes, our psychologists take notes to enhance the service they are providing you. We’d love to think their memories are great; however, given we know a fair amount of psychological research in this area, we know that it’s important to have relevant details written down. All information is held in strict confidence and all files are kept securely through Halaxy. If you’re interested to know more about their privacy information, please head to

Exceptions to this include:

  • If your files are subpoenaed by a court
  • If the Therapist’s failure to disclose information could place you or someone else at serious and imminent risk
  • If your prior approval has been obtained to provide reports or discuss material with another person/stakeholder.

Please discuss any concerns with your psychologist.

Our fees are dependent on the service you require; however, all fees are considerably lower than the Australian Psychological Society National Standard Recommended Fee of $280 per 45-60min appointment. We do offer a range of fees for concession card holders, dependent on the service required. Please contact our Guest Services Team for more information. 

Our telehealth options include phone consultations and video consultations with the Zoom platform.


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