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Some people think this is as good as it gets. Our guests describe having their down days, but they aren’t clinically depressed. They get nervous before awkward conversations, but they aren’t living at an anxious, heightened level all the time. Generally, they seem to be functioning passably so they think they are well. But…maybe this isn’t as good as it gets?

Until a little niggle starts telling them it could be different. They could be…content? Even thriving!

There is so much psychological evidence-based research showing us strategies to grow from ordinary to flourishing. Yet I find that some isn’t made accessible for the public, and other information that is accessible doesn’t feel relatable and isn’t personalised to each individual so falls flat. We need more incredible tools and helpful approaches to life that actually get embedded into your life. THIS is why our online and in-person workshops and events were created! We want you to stress-less and self-care (but don’t worry – no generic tools or strategies here).

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