We apply a Goldilocks-inspired strategy: Not too big, not too small, just right.

Okay, so our framework wasn’t quite inspired by a made-up blonde girl but it definitely is evidence-based and efficient. Our framework is entirely based on a Stepped-Care Approach. Which aims to ensure the right people receive the right service at the right level of intensity at the right time.

This means that your patient’s care is planned around what they need and what is recommended for them, which means it’s far more effective than something cookie-cutter.

The boring (and important) part

The Stepped-Care Approach for mental health has been endorsed at the highest levels in Australia (we’re talking Federal Government and Medicare). The framework is endorsed by the Mental Health Productivity Commission in 2020.

Something for everyone

It absolutely delights us to connect with and walk alongside our guests. We offer research-backed strategies through our blog posts, self-care focused events, workshops, counselling and psychological therapy. It has also been wonderful to hear from our guests that our social media is relatable, and refreshing.

We’re acutely aware that what brings one person a sense of ease may not be helpful for their best friend. We want people to really feel that they are the person they want to be!

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    Including events, blog posts, social media contributions to written media (think Marie Clare and Girlfriend mags), guest speaking, Q&A panels and podcast eps.

  • Need A More Structured Approach?

  • Group Workshops

    In-Person and Online Experiences

    Your patients goals: increase wellbeing using targeted and personalised positive psychology strategies.

  • Need A More Personalised Approach?

  • Thinking More Diagnosis and Treatment?

  • Psychological Treatment

    In-Person and Online Psychological Therapy

    Your patient’s goals: diagnosis and treatment of your patients mental health challenges

    For more information about our Psychological Therapy specifics, click here.

We look forward to walking alongside your patients to achieve their goals!

More Important Info

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